7cBeauty manages the entire life cycle of skincare and fragrance, from its creation to its distribution in France and internationally.

It coordinates the different stages from formulation, olfaction, bottle, packaging, regularization, marketing tools, as well as commercial and marketing strategies.

We develop skincare and fragrances lines on the basis of license agreements.

Expertise of more than 10 years and a strategy based on a long-term collaboration with all partners and on the control of the processes of creation, production and logistics.

The7cGroup is member of France’s FEBEA (Féderation des Enterprises de la Beauté).

7cDigital Media

We help brands connect with their audience. The7cGroup has its own independent and international digital communication
agency, 7cDigital Media that assist companies in integrating new methods of communication to reach their audiences.
Specializing in E-Retail, Social Media, creative communications and digital campaigns, 7cDigital Media has offices
in Montevideo, Uruguay to handle the Americas and its headquarters in Paris for global operations. We work with
a 360° approach, providing innovative online and offline media strategies to ensure continuity and consistency
for our clients´ brands, with our two main focus: development of the branding and sales.

7cDigital Solutions 

7cDigital Solutions in partnership with Ditoc. Over the past 10 years, DITOC has helped numerous companies within industries such as luxury goods, cosmetics and liquor
and spirits brands to develop their customers’ interaction and brand understanding through new and innovative
methods in the market. We build effective brand experience with Digital Content Update System, Video, LED and
TV Walls, Interactive tables and books, Loyalty Programs and Holographic Videos, among other digital retail solutions.
Brands we work with include Lancôme, Biotherm, Clarisonic, Dior, Ballantine´s, Hennessy, Heineken, and Carlsberg.