The7cGroup manages all the development stages that occur when creating a fragrance brand

Over the past 10 years, The7cGroup has helped numerous companies within industries such as luxury goods and cosmetics brands to develop their own fragrance brand. During the creation of the oil fragrance, we work with best perfumery houses from all France, such as: Firmenich, IFF, Robertet Paris, Givaudan. Our fragrances creations comes from top Master Perfumers, such as Irène Farmachidi, Olivier Cresp, Dominique Rompion, Calice Becker.

Our scope and involvement also includes Creative Concepts and Marketing Guidelines, Graphics design and image, Research and Development, Retail innovation.


  • Tailor-Made Brands – French savoir faire.
  • Embracing French century-old perfume traditions.French Master Perfumer fragrances.
  • Direct contact with French Master Perfumers who will unleash unique personalized fragrances.
  • Eco-conscious elegance – High biodegradability without compromising exceptional scents.
  • Engaging content creation – Developing valuable, relevant, consistent messaging for a dedicated audience.
  • European craftsmanship – Meticulously crafted components made mainly in Europe